Weather Products

From heat waves to arctic cold outbreaks, weather often has a significant impact on business.  CME Group’s temperature-based index futures and options provide the tools to help you manage weather-related risk.

Key Benefits

  • Centralized clearing and counterparty credit guaranteed through CME Clearing
  • Access to unique tools for managing price risk due to weather
  • Global access to a broad array of futures and options contracts virtually around the clock via CME Globex

Learn more about our global temperature-based indexes:

Weather Products

Heating (HDD) Futures and Options City Code Nov-Mar Strip Dec-Feb Strip
Atlanta H1 H1X H1Z
Chicago H2 H2X H2Z
Cincinnati H3 H3X H3Z
New York  H4 H4X H4Z
Dallas H5 H5X H5Z
Las Vegas H0 H0X H0Z
Minneapolis HQ HQX HQZ
Sacramento HS HSX HSZ
Portland H7 H7X H7Z
London D0 D0X D0Z
Amsterdam D2 D2X D2Z
Tokyo G6 G6X G6Z
Cooling (CDD) Futures and Options City Code May-Sep Strip Jul-Aug Strip
Atlanta K1 K1K K1N
Chicago K2 K2K K2N
Cincinnati K3 K3K K3N
New York K4 K4K K4N
Dallas K5 K5K K5N
Las Vegas K0 K0K K0N
Minneapolis KQ KQK KQN
Sacramento KS KSK KSN
Portland K7 K7K K7N
London G0 G0K G0N
Amsterdam G2 G2K G2N
Tokyo G6 G6K G6N