Zinc Futures (ZNC)

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Whether you’re looking for an easy way to reduce your risk or want to seek profits you can access immediately in evolving zinc markets, COMEX Zinc futures provide a compelling alternative to forwards.

Our Special High Grade Zinc futures contract (ZNC) offers the ability to deliver or take delivery of Zinc ingots in a timely, transparent and efficient. The contract is registered and regulated by facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia.

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Key Benefits

Realize your profit immediately
Any potential profit you earn can be accessed almost immediately.  No waiting until contract expiry to use your gains.

Simplicity of monthly futures traded in the centralized electronic market
Monthly contract listing translates to greater liquidity which focuses around monthly expiries.

Simple transparent settlement process

Settlement prices are derived from pricing activity in the electronic markets using the volume weighted average price (VWAP), providing the opportunity to participate in establishing the settlement price.

Add the savings potential of member rates
If you become a COMEX member there are a variety of reduced rates memberships available.

More Benefits

  • Offsets
    You also could reduce initial margin requirements through margin offsets if you trade multiple COMEX products, for instance, copper.
  • More insight with a Central Limit Order Book (CLOB)
    See the size in depth, not just at the best available price, offering greater insight into market dynamics at work via our nearly 24-hour markets.
  • Mitigate market and credit risk
    Minimize your risk with central counterparty clearing facilitated by CME Clearing so you can rest easy without worrying about your counterparty’s ability to fulfil their side of the trade.
  • Nearly 24-hour access 
    COMEX Zinc futures trade nearly around the clock, so when surprise events happen, you have the access you need to act.
  • Flexible ways to trade and execute order sizes you need 
    Privately negotiate orders through brokers using block trades or use exchange for physical and exchange for risk trades to access liquidity of other markets, subject to COMEX rules.

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Trading COMEX Zinc Futures at CME Group Is Simple

ZNC trades on CME Globex, the foremost global electronic trading system for futures and options with true intraday pricing transparency. Cleared OTC trades can be executed on CME ClearPort. Both CME Globex and CME ClearPort may be accessed via CME Direct, our free execution platform.

  1. Find a clearing firm or broker and open an account. The clearing firm or broker will maintain your account and guarantee your trades.
    • 50+ clearing firms worldwide support COMEX metals markets, enabling easy, global access
  2. Select a front-end trading application to connect to CME Group’s electronic markets, powered by our CME Globex platform
    • Front-end trading application is required for CME Group’s electronic markets
    • Choose from 50+ supported front-ends from a variety of independent software vendors (visit cmegroup.com/partner-services.html)
    • Or, use the CME Group-provided solution, CME Direct (visit cmegroup.com/direct)
    • To trade with CME Direct, you will need a relationship with a clearing FCM that supports the front-end.



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