Aluminum futures and options

Hedge aluminum price risk and manage exposure along the entire global supply chain

Manage risk of production and changing supply trends in our transparent, fair aluminum markets that provide global price discovery around the clock. Tailor exposure with a choice of regionally relevant contracts.

Now live: Aluminum options

Enhance risk-management capabilities with new American-style options on Aluminum futures, the physically delivered futures contract with global warehouses in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Key benefits

Growing liquidity

ALI, the global benchmark Aluminum futures contract, often trades nearly 1,000 contracts a day.

Price hedging and simple, monthly contracts

Tailor exposure with choice of the global benchmark contract, regional-specific offerings as well as duty-paid contracts, in a straightforward monthly design.

Nearly 24-hour market access

Manage positions as market-moving global news and events happen on the leading CME Globex and CME ClearPort electronic platforms.

Security of central clearing

Enjoy the security of guaranteed counterparty credit to minimize credit default risk

Learn aluminum contract basics

Get an overview of aluminum markets, how our contracts work, understand warrants and the delivery process, and more.

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    Aluminum Auction

    Capitalize on the first electronic aluminum auction, which allows you to anonymously transact physical material in the spot market, based on benchmark Aluminum futures prices.

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    Access the Aluminum MW U.S. Transaction Premium Platts futures market and view real-time pricing and volume information throughout the trading day with Commodity Direct via CME Chat.

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    CME Direct trading grid

    If you are already a CME Direct user, you can easily download and apply the CME Direct grid for Aluminum futures.

    1. Right click on the button below
    2. Save the file as an .XML on your computer
    3. In CME Direct, select import view in the main menu
    4. Import the grid into CME Direct

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