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EBS offers a variety of trading platforms to meet your
FX and Money Market needs, whatever they may be.
Whether you are looking for an anonymous matching
platform or a private execution platform, EBS has what
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EBS Market

The award-winning anonymous FX matching platform, EBS Market, has been at the heart of the FX market for more than 20 years and remains the benchmark platform to access markets. The platform provides real-time and historical FX prices directly to your market data distribution platform.

On October 23 2019, EBS announced the first-ever African NDF to be traded on the Central Limit Order Book: A USD/KES (Kenyan Shilling) 1-month NDF trade was executed between Bank of America and Citi.

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Certainty of execution

EBS Market provides orderly, executable and genuine liquidity across all major and emerging market currencies.

Benchmark prices

Recognized as the benchmark for spot CNH, EUR, JPY, USD and CHF currencies, EBS Market provides insight into true market prices for spot FX, precious metals and NDFs.

Multiple execution styles

EBS Market provides advanced order types, including the EBS Iceberg Order, eFix Matching, Pip Discretion and Loop Orders for increased certainty of trade.

EBS Direct

EBS Direct is a relationship-based FX trading platform where Liquidity Consumers (LCs) choose from a full range of bank and non-bank Liquidity Providers (LPs) to create tailored liquidity pools of Executable Streaming Prices (ESP), or Request for Stream (RFS).

With an unparalleled network, infrastructure and global footprint, EBS Direct provides a reliable, cost-effective solution that requires minimal technical implementation.

In September 2019, we announced the launch of our next generation platform – which will deliver round trip processing times in less than 50 microseconds. This new platform is ready for testing in beta, and will be fully realized in 2021.

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Create/optimize connections

Access to leading bank and non-bank LPs, spanning G10 and niche currencies. Regional matching centers in New York, London and Tokyo help facilitate tighter spreads and low reject rates.

Disclosed and non-disclosed

EBS Direct offers both a disclosed and non-disclosed execution environment that allows customers to effectively offload risk with no exposure of trade activity.

Efficient aggregator

EBS Direct acts as an aggregator by connecting you once to many price streams, facilitating trading via sweepable order book or single ticket execution.

EBS Select

Accessible through EBS Direct, EBS Select offers a non-disclosed execution environment that allows you to effectively offload risk with no exposure of trade activity.

Non-disclosed environment

EBS Select answers the growing demand for non-disclosed trading, while it retains the advantages of trading through relationship, permissions liquidity. 

EBS Prime Bank credit profile

EBS Select will add value to customers looking for additional liquidity and have credit with an EBS Prime Bank, giving access to a wider range of LPs and optimum prices.

EBS Hedge

EBS Hedge is a spot FX mid-matching pool for interbank participants, designed to facilitate neutral risk reduction between counterparts by allowing e-FX desks to match with opposing interests.

Based on API connectivity, via the EBS Ai, trading takes place at the EBS mid-price and is calculated using a blend of EBS Market and EBS Direct market data to create a highly reliable mid-rate.

Neutral risk reduction

Combine prices from EBS’s central limit order book and relationship-based trading platforms for risk reduction.

Dynamic market insurance

Market insurance is dynamically calculated to neutralize post-trade profit and loss on executed trades, with real-time offsets occurring once threshold levels are reached.

Real-time profit and loss adjustment

EBS Hedge allows for more accurate and representative profit and loss balances due to offsets occurring on the same day.

eFix matching service

The eFix Matching Service acts as a central market utility to reduce benchmark fixing risk. The service delivers improved global matching opportunities for the most frequently used daily benchmarks and fulfills a need for increased transparency and full auditability around fix order execution. 

Global reach

Get cost-effective access to an electronic central pool of fix liquidity with increased fix order execution opportunities.

Improve accuracy

All matched orders are always executed at the specified fixing rate.

Compliance and auditing

Fix rates are independently sourced, transparent, reliable and auditable, and ticket processing options are designed to satisfy compliance requirements.

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