EBS Access Methods

EBS has the access methods you need, no matter your job role, to trade in fast and reliable markets in a customizable interface for improved efficiency and risk management.

EBS Workstation

Designed by traders for traders, EBS Workstation offers a range of features to support and enhance your trading strategies. An award-winning, screen-based dealing service, EBS Workstation provides fast trading and execution 24-hours a day.

Liquidity and market depth

Trade all major currencies and precious metals in deeply liquid markets to move in and out of your trades easily. 

Global markets

Access global counterparties to increase your certainty of trade in a live, trusted marketplace.

Orderly, regulated markets

Discover true and fair prices for all market participants with effective straight through processing (STP) solutions.

EBS Global Access

EBS Global Access, a browser-based trading solution, provides a secure access point to all manually-traded EBS instruments on EBS Market and EBS Direct. 

Cost-effective, efficient access

Trade the source of global spot FX and precious metals liquidity for enhanced trading opportunities. 

Connection options

Connect on any browser for ease-of-access and fast, efficient deployment.

Highly configurable function

Use a simple, intuitive design for a reliable function on your trading screen.


Yuniti provides a highly configurable trading interface to access the manual FX trading community. Working with a community of leading bank and non-bank liquidity providers in one core market, Yuniti allows you to meet your execution requirements with ease.

Price discovery tools

Use advanced price discovery tools to access exceptional market depth in multiple tab setting.

Flexible execution methods

Trade spot FX, forwards and swaps with a range of execution methods including, quote-driven, disclosed (with full attribution), resting orders, fund designation and non-disclosed trading.

Market insights

Access important market insights to inform your trading strategy, including indicative rates, directional flow indicators and liquidity analysis

EBS Prime

EBS Prime connects you to global counterparties and an orderly market on EBS venues through the pre-screened credit of an EBS Prime Bank.

Access exclusive prices

See and trade on previously unavailable prices with access to EBS markets through pre-screened credit.

Deep liquidity

Get deeper liquidity and tighter prices provided by the world’s leading market-making banks.

Reliable markets

Trade with certainty in live, executable markets for improved efficiency and risk management. 

EBS API Trading

EBS Ai facilitates automated and algorithmic trading using a two-way interface via XML or FIX protocol, helping improve trading strategies and risk management. EBS API Trading pioneered the way global spot FX traders work within the markets to meet liquidity and trading requirements.

Automated trading

Efficiently automate trading in all currencies on EBS platforms, 24 hours a day.

Easy execution

Manage risk more effectively with real-time off-setting or hedging as well as increased liquidity and volume, which makes executing trades easier than ever.

Access the order book

Get more visibility into the inventory available in the EBS Order Book with price depth views.

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Find the workflow solutions that meet your needs at every step of the trading lifecycle, from pre- to post-trade. 

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Access trading data to perform at your best with EBS data and analytics solutions.

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View the regulatory and rulebook documents you need to stay in compliance when you use EBS trading solutions.

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