BrokerTec Access Methods

BrokerTec offers the most consistent and
comprehensive ways to access our markets, by API
or GUI, to meet your trading needs.

BrokerTec API Trading

BrokerTec API provides a completely anonymous trading venue for the fixed income marketplace, created by working with customers to produce API-based solutions for a wide range of trading and market data requirements.

Improve performance

See how you’re doing from a new perspective while breaking ahead of your peers and gathering knowledge for future trades.

Find opportunities

Better understand market activity and your position within it, so you can act on trade opportunities as you see them.

Greater insight

Access better insight into your spreads to create long-term and sustainable bilateral trading relationships.

BrokerTec GUI

BrokerTec GUI provides access to a level playing field for manual trading of fixed income products. This highly configurable access method provides users with an easy way to enter markets for multi-product connectivity.

Reliable markets

Trade with certainty in live, executable markets for increased efficiency and risk management opportunities.

Market transparency

See true market prices for increased price discovery and transparency in BrokerTec markets.

Connection options

Trade in a low latency environment via BrokerTec’s i-Cross co-location service for a fully redundant, high speed connection.

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Data and analytics

Access trading data to perform at your best with BrokerTec data and analytics solutions.

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Vendor partners

Work with third-party vendors for connectivity and workflow solutions.

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BrokerTec regulatory documents

Access the rulebook and regulatory documentation you need throughout the trading lifecycle.

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