Chilean Peso/U.S. Dollar (CLP/USD) Futures

The 2016 BIS Triannual survey indicates that volume in the U.S. dollar/Chilean peso cross grew by more than 200% over the last 10 years, reflecting the strong growth of the Chilean economy and its powerful commodity export business, as well as the growing importance of Latin America in global trade and investments.

During the same period, FX LatAm futures volume at CME Group (Mexican Peso and Brazilian Real) grew by 286%, and overall volumes by 78% as global participants took advantage of the safety, liquidity and capital efficiency of CME Group products.

Traded electronically and via blocks, the Chilean peso futures contract is available to global participants looking for specific exposure to Chile.

Benefit from the on-shore liquidity provided by Chilean broker/dealer and CME Group market maker LarrainVial.

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Contract Specs

Contract Unit 50,000,000 Chilean Pesos
Minimum Price Fluctuation $0.0000001 per Chilean Peso increments ($5.00/contract) also for CLP/USD futures intra-currency spreads executed electronically.
Price Quotation Quoted in U.S. Dollars per one (1) Chilean Peso
Trading Hours Sunday - Friday: 5:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. CT with a 60-minute break each day beginning at 4:00 p.m. CT
Product Code CME Globex: CHP
CME ClearPort: CHP
Clearing: CHP
Listed Contracts Monthly contracts listed for 12 consecutive months and the next 4 March quarterly cycle months.
Settlement Procedures The reciprocal of the spot exchange rate of Chilean peso per U.S. dollar, ”CLP DÓLAR OBS (CLP10),” as reported for that day by Banco Central de Chile for the formal exchange market which is available at approximately 10:30 AM Santiago time and rounded to SEVEN decimal places.
Termination Of Trading Trading terminates at 09:15 Chicago time on the last Santiago, Chile business day of the month prior to the contract month.
Position Limits CME Position Limits
Exchange Rulebook CME 346
Block Minimum Block Minimum Thresholds
Price Limit Or Circuit Price Limits
Vendor Codes Quote Vendor Symbols Listing
Settlement Method Financially Settled