Indian Rupee/U.S. Dollar futures

INR Futures YTD 2020 average open interest at 2,806, up 58% YoY

Key macro facts

India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and the 5th largest with a nominal gross domestic product of $2.9 trillion in 2019.  India was already facing an economic slowdown before the Covid-19 outbreak pushed the government to impose a nationwide lockdown that began in late March and has subsequently been extended multiple times at least until the end of June.  Economists expect India’s GDP to contract by five percent during 2020.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government recently announced a $266 billion support package – worth around 10% of India’s GDP – containing both fiscal and monetary measures to mitigate the economic fallout.  Analysts expect India's growth to rebound to 6.2% in 2021.  Economists anticipate India’s inflation rate will hit 3.3% in 2020.  India's unemployment rate fell to 11% in June from a record high of 23.5% in the previous two months, as many businesses resumed operations following weeks of closures due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Key stats

  • YTD ADV for Indian Rupee Futures in notional terms notional at $96M
  • YTD Average Open Interest in notional terms at $191, up 51% YoY
  • Increased liquidity visible in tighter bid-ask spreads across all trading hours
  • Increased activity from market participants across different customer segments and regions

Key features

  • Multiple contract sizes allow for increased trading flexibility and broader market participation.
  • Significant margin offsets are available, with currencies and commodities.
  • Participants can get attractive pricing for larger sizes via block price makers who can price all maturities and who are available in all time zones.
  • Monthly expiries offer greater choice to market participants

Key capital efficiencies and potential margin offsets

  • 35% savings with Australian Dollar (AUD/USD)
  • 25% savings with Brazilian Real (BRL/USD)
  • 25% savings with South African Rand (ZAR/USD)

Be Part of the Trend and Trade Cash-Settled Indian Rupee Futures at CME Group

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CME Globex: SIR Bloomberg: SIRA Curncy  Bloomberg: SIRA Curncy Reuters: 0#SRI: 

Block minimum threshold: 10

Available in Monthlies and Quarterlies

Micro futures

CME Globex: MIR Bloomberg: MIRA Curncy Reuters: 0#MRI:


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Cash-settled Indian Rupee futures at CME Group

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