Power Products

Trade U.S. and European Power futures on NYMEX with CME Group.

NYMEX Power products offer the ability to manage risk in the world’s largest electricity markets using traditional trading setups.

Explore our comprehensive suite of power products, including monthlies and dailies on all major U.S. hubs and monthly cash-settled futures on our growing list of European hubs, including Germany and Italy.

Options are also available for trading on our major U.S. markets. Benefit from competitive margins and execution costs, as well as meaningful margin offsets to some of the world’s most liquid energy futures.

Power Products

North American Power Futures

CME Group offers a wide range of North American Power futures on the world's leading global benchmarks.

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North American Power Options

Access a variety of North American Power options, including monthly, yearly and average price options.

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European Power on NYMEX

Get more information about CME Group's offering of European Power products.

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