CME Group’s fertilizer price reporting agencies, ICIS and Profercy, provide insight into their methodologies for existing UAN assessments and announce a new Profercy price quote.

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Fertilizer Futures

Hedge your price risk in the expanding global grain marketplace with cash-settled Fertilizer futures. Complement your grain derivatives portfolio with Fertilizer futures on CBOT.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible trade execution: Available as cleared swaps and futures contracts
  • Safety and security: Indexed against Profercy & ICIS to provide greater accessibility and consistency to the global fertilizer market
  • Market liquidity: Current OTC market participants can transition to cleared futures on CME Globex and CME ClearPort
  • Futures leverage: Contracts are listed 12 months out with a low minimum block limit of two contracts
  • Available efficiencies: Access cross-margining and capital efficiencies through CME Clearing
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Meet Fertilizer Futures

Clearing Globex Floor ClearPort Product Name Exchange Product Group Subgroup Category Subcategory Cleared As Volume Open Interest
UFV UFV - UFV Urea (Granular) FOB US Gulf Futures CBOT Agriculture Fertilizer - - Futures 0 960
UFE UFE - UFE Urea (Granular) FOB Egypt Futures CBOT Agriculture Fertilizer - - Futures 0 465
UME UME - UME Urea (Granular) FOB Middle East Futures CBOT Agriculture Fertilizer - - Futures 50 300
DFN DFN - DFN DAP FOB NOLA Futures CBOT Agriculture Fertilizer - - Futures 75 195
UFB UFB - UFB Urea (Granular) CFR Brazil Futures CBOT Agriculture Fertilizer - - Futures 0 100
MFC MFC - MFC MAP CFR Brazil Futures CBOT Agriculture Fertilizer - - Futures 0 50
UNO UNO - UNO UAN FOB NOLA Futures CBOT Agriculture Fertilizer - - Futures 0 0
Trade Date: 24 May 2024 | PRELIMINARY

Volume at a Glance

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As you look to add liquid and actively-traded contracts to your portfolio, CME Group Agricultural futures and options offer the opportunity you need to manage risk or capitalize on the markets.

Things to Know

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