Micro Gold (MGC) futures and Micro Gold options (OMG) contracts are designed for traders interested in smaller gold increments. They also serve as a cost-effective alternative to the world’s largest, highly liquid Gold (GC) futures and Gold options (OG) contracts. At 1/10 the size of benchmark Gold futures and options contracts, Micro Gold futures and options provide robust trading transparency, price discovery, and smaller margin requirements.

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Features and benefits

Expanded market access

Micro Gold futures and options, sized at 1/10 of Gold (GC) futures and Gold (OG) options, cater to individual investors, expanding market access.

Cost-efficient exposure

A smaller contract means lower initial capital investment in terms of margins, enabling traders of all sizes to participate.

Diversification potential

Part of our Micro product suite, these offerings provide precious metals opportunities and expand cross-margining potential with other products.

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Vendor Trading codes

CME Group Name/Venues/Symbols CME Group Codes Bloomberg CQG DTN, Inc Fidessa (ION) FIS Global ION Group Itiviti Refinitiv Trading Technologies Vela Trading Systems
CME Group Product Name  Futures/Options  Globex Clearport All Venues All Venues All Venues All Venues All Venues All Venues All Venues Composite All Venues All Venues
Micro Gold futures   MGC     MGC   MGC MGC       MGC MGC
Micro Gold Weekly Monday Option Options 1MG-5MG 1MG-5MG MGLA Comdty OMON MGC11—MGC15 Q1MG – Q5MG 1MG-5MG 1MG-5MG 1MG-5MG 1MG-5MG MG1W, MG2W, MG3W, MG4W. MG5W 1MG-5MG 1MG-5MG
Micro Gold Weekly Wednesday Option Options 1WG-5WG 1WG-5WG LWWA Comdty OMON MGC31—MGC35 Q1WG – Q5WG 1WG-5WG 1WG-5WG 1WG-5WG 1WG-5WG WGG1W, WGG2W, WGG3W, WGG4W, WGG5W 1WG-5WG 1WG-5WG
Micro Gold Weekly Friday Option Options 1FG-5FG 1FG-5FG FGWA Comdty OMON MGC1-5 Q1FG – Q5FG 1FG-5FG 1FG-5FG 1FG-5FG 1FG-5FG FG1W,FG2W, FG3W, FG4W, FG5W 1FG-5FG 1FG-5FG

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