At 1/10 the size of benchmark Copper futures, Micro Copper futures (MHG) will provide an efficient, cost-effective new way to fine-tune copper exposure and enhance trading strategies. Enjoy the robust transparency and price discovery of Copper futures (HG) in a smaller contract that enables traders of all sizes to manage Copper price risk and participate in the potential of the market.

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Trade a smaller-sized contract

Conveniently sized and tailored for the individual investor. Attractive for copper option traders looking to better hedge delta and gamma positions.

Precisely scale copper exposure

Manage your copper price risk exposure on a smaller, more granular scale that complements the larger, liquid contract.


A financially settled contract allows users to gain exposure to the copper market without delivery risk.

Expands Micro opportunities

Expands on the success of our Micro suite of products, facilitating opportunities to try new asset classes and capitalize on cross-margining benefits from offsetting positions.

Vendor trading codes

Find codes you can use to look up Micro Copper futures on vendor trading platforms.

Bloomberg MHCA <Comdty>
Refinitiv GHM
CME Direct, Fidessa, FIS Global, ION, Itiviti, TT, Vela, CQG MHG

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