USD Palm Oil futures and options

Manage price risk effectively with lineup of contracts that track average prices for palm oil/olein, offering enhanced hedging for producers, processors, and end users in an industry known for continuous production and processing. The contracts complement benchmarks in CBOT Soybean Oil and BMD Crude Palm Oil to create a single oilseed trading hub, backed by the financial integrity of CME Clearing.

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Features and benefits

Access through existing FCM relationships

Transact using relationships already in place, minimizing time and documentation.

US dollar-denominated and cash-settled

Mitigate exchange rate risk from dollar conversion by using contracts traded and settled in dollars.

More spreading opportunities

Create spreads strategies with global benchmark Soybean Oil futures and options to capture more market potential.

Reduced capital requirements

Enjoy cross-product margin efficiencies by managing all of your oilseed risk on a single hub.

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Contract Unit

25 metric tons

Price Quotation

U.S. dollars and cents per metric ton

Product Code

CME Globex: CPO
CME ClearPort: CPO
Clearing: CPO

Trading Hours

CME Globex:
Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 1:20 p.m. CT

Manage palm oil exposure with precision

Choose from bullet, calendar, and average price options contracts for Palm Oil and and calendar contracts for Olein to customize risk management strategies.

Day 15 bullet futures and Day 10 financial options let you customize exposure to precise expiration dates often found in agricultural markets.

With multiple strikes and maturities, add flexibility and precision to better tailor risk management. Can be less margin-intensive than futures during heightened volatility.

Based on the BMD Crude Palm Oil futures and cash-settled to a monthly average, so participants can hedge monthly production with a single trade. 

Offers cash-settled exposure for those unable/unwilling to take delivery in the FOB Port Klang/Pasir Gudang (PK/PG) physical market. Combine with Calendar futures to lock in margins in far-forward months and mitigate counterparty risk. 


South American Soybean futures

South American Soybean futures: Financially settled South American Soybean futures will be a more precise tool to manage exposure to the Brazilian Soybean market. Settling in US dollars to the Platts index, the contract will reflect Brazilian export prices at the port of Santos.

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