Data Investigations

The Data Investigations team works to ensure the accuracy of trade data submitted to the Exchanges and that members and member firms are complying with Exchange audit trail requirements.

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Key data elements reviewed by the Data Investigations team include:

  • Operator ID (Tag 50)
  • Submission Type (Manual vs. Automated)
  • Customer Type (CTI Code)
  • Account Numbers
  • Timestamps
  • Front End Audit Trail

Data Investigators review for compliance with audit trail requirements through several methods including:

  • Annual exams of Clearing Member Firms’ open outcry and electronic trading records
  • Employing Computerized Trade Reconstruction programs

At the conclusion of an exam or review, the Data Investigations team will determine whether there is reason to believe a rule violation has occurred. If the team determines no violation occurred, the matter will be closed administratively with no action taken. If the team determines there is reason to believe a rule violation has occurred, the team may seek to impose summary fines pursuant to Rule 512 or automatic fines pursuant to Rule 536.F. Alternatively, if the team determines the circumstances warrant formal disciplinary action, the matter will be referred to the Market Regulation Enforcement team.

For full details of data requirements and summary action rules, consult our Exchange-Specific Rulebooks and Market Regulation Advisory Notices. For questions about Exchange rules, call the Market Regulation Department at +1 312 341 7970.

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