Third party data – Kemiex


Trade and information platform for human and animal nutrition and health ingredients

Access unique market data and raw material price developments from the world’s leading trade venue and business solution for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), vitamins, amino acids, food and feed additives.


About the datasets

Get exclusive access to vitamin and amino acids price trend data ─ important products for chemical companies such as DSM, BASF, Evonik, and others globally, including China. Datasets consist of bi-weekly price index fixings based on global transactions on the Kemiex marketplace, which started trading operations in 2018. The Kemiex platform itself is only accessible for physical producers, traders and end users of APIs, food and feed additives.

Key benefits

  • Get insights on key raw materials for feed and protein (agriculture), food and beverage sectors
  • Track P&L-relevant products for listed companies (DSM, BASF, Evonik, and others*)
  • Unlock insights from a platform that is only accessible for physical buyers and sellers

* Zhejiang NHU (002001.CN), Meihua (SHA:600873), Fufeng (HKG:546), Bluestar Adisseo (SHA:600299), Ajinomoto (TYO:2802), ZMC (600216:Shanghai), Brother (SHE:002562), Kingdomway (SHE:002626), CSPC (HKG:1093), Northeast Pharmaceutical (SHE:000597) etc.

Available historical datasets

  • Vitamins (A, C, E)
  • Amino acids (Methionine, Lysine)
  • Kemiex Vitamin Index (14 products, equal weighted)
  • Kemiex Aminoacids Index (5 products, equal weighted)

About Kemiex

Swiss-based and independent Kemiex is a specialized trade and information platform for buyers, traders, and sellers of 5,000 active ingredients (APIs), additives, vitamins, and excipients in human and animal health and nutrition industries. This service is operated in strategic cooperation with ATRADIUS trade credit insurance and SGS, which provide integrated credit risk insights and insurance, as well as quality related services directly to Kemiex members.