Kemiex Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kemiex?

Kemiex is a Swiss-based, SaaS-enabled, B2B marketplace and business solution for the human and animal health and nutrition industries (procurement and sales, market insights).

What Kemiex datasets are listed on CME DataMine?

Three Vitamins (A, C, and E), two Amino acids (Methionine and Lysine), and two category indices (Kemiex Vitamin Index tracking 14 products and Kemiex Amino Acids Index tracking five products).

What is the file format of this data?


What is the average daily file size?

<1 MB

How many files are available per day?

More information coming soon.

What is the delivery frequency of the data?


What time will the files be delivered each day?

The week after index fixing (typically two to three business days).

Are the files compressed?

More information coming soon.

Are sample files available?

More information coming soon.

How far back does each dataset go?

Each dataset goes back to September 2018.

Are there any missing dates to the data I should know?

More information coming soon.

Where can I find information on how to understand this data?

More information coming soon.

Is there a certain process I must use to be able to use the data?

Download the .CSV file, or for the bundle: unzip the file that has an “ZIP” extension.

Can I use the data for commercial re-publishing (i.e. articles, reports…)?

More information coming soon.