CME Globex Customer Agreements

Access, Connection and Development

Customers, clearing firms and channel partners must complete specific agreements in order to gain access to the CME Globex electronic trading platform for trading, data and developing platform interfaces. These agreements can be completed manually or electronically. Each form includes information regarding where it should be sent.


Form/Schedule Form Download Description
(and Schedule 1)
Customer Connection Agreement
(including Schedule 1)
Terms and conditions for customers who wish to trade on the CME Globex electronic trading platform.
2 Access Request and Information Form

Request production connectivity to CME Globex for trading and market data, as detailed in the CME Production Connectivity Guide.


3 CME Clearing Firm Administrator Request Form - U.S.

Onboard Clearing Firm Primary and Secondary Administrators.


5 Deletions, Changes, Assignment and Transfers Make changes to connectivity or interface type.
6 Clearing Firm Guarantee and Acknowledgement Clearing Firm guarantee for all orders sent via a direct connection; required for all connections.
9 FirmSoft License Agreement Request access to the FirmSoft order management tool.
11 Cancel on Disconnect Request access to the Cancel on Disconnect service.
12 Drop Copy Service Request the Drop Copy risk management service. 

Interface Development Agreement

Data Center Agreements

These forms outline the connection terms and conditions for entities such as managed service providers, who facilitate or host order routing connectivity and market data access to CME Globex.

Form/Schedule Form Download
(and Schedule A)
Data Center Connection Agreement (including Schedule A)
B Data Center Access Request Form
C Data Center Deletions, Changes, Assignment and Transfers
D Drop Copy Service

Information License Agreement (ILA)

ILA is required by any entity connecting to CME Group for market data and/or distributing market data.

Download ILA

iLink Session ID Request Form

This form is used to request iLink Session IDs for CME Globex.

Request Form

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