Options Observer: WTI Weekly Options Are Trending

  • 4 Aug 2021
  • By CME Group
  • Topics: Energy

With Weekly options on WTI Crude Oil futures expiring on Friday each week, CME Group provides market participants with a flexible tool to fine-tune their crude oil market exposure.

  • Since the beginning of July 2021, Crude Weekly options ADV has been over 5,000/day – more than double the YTD ADV and highest since March 2020.
  • Average daily OI of Crude Weeklies since beginning of July 2021 has been 11,040 – 50% higher than YTD average OI.
  • Average number of daily users trading Crude Weeklies has increased 67% over the past four weeks.
  • Since going live on June 28, 103 different quarter strikes have traded across all listed weeklies.

Traders are finding the benefits of adding Crude Weekly options to their portfolios with:

  • Flexibility to manage short-term volatility and risk
  • Precision timing to target specific market movements or events, like OPEC meetings
  • More expirations (four weeklies and one monthly); more options to limit exposure
  • Shorter expirations to gain market exposure at a lower premium

Volume and OI are back to pre-pandemic levels:

Source: CME Group

Record numbers of traders are using weeklies each year:

Source: CME Group

Screen markets are liquid, including on the new 0.25 strike increments:

Source: CME Group

Product Codes

  Weekly Option Monthly Option Underlying Future
CME Globex Bloomberg
WTI Crude Oil LO1-LO5 CLWA Comdty LO CL
Brent Crude Oil BW1-BW5 BZCA Comdty BZO BZ
Natural Gas (Physical) ON1-ON5 ONWA Comdty ON NG
Natural Gas (Financial) LN1-LN5 GKWA Comdty LN NG

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Traders turn to the precision of CME Group’s weekly expiring options to enhance existing positions or to offset risk and capture trading opportunities around market-moving events. Regional crude oil and natural gas storage data, weather anomalies, and global market events (like the upcoming OPEC meeting) can have a dramatic impact on the energy markets.

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