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  • 19 Jun 2017
  • By CME Group

FAQ Table of Contents


Will I need to have my phone with me to login?
In most cases, yes. However, you can use other phones and authenticators, including a tablet, landline or other devices. 

Can I use my cell phone?
Yes, you may use your smartphone with Duo Security.

Is a smartphone required to use Duo?
It is not necessary to have a smartphone to use Duo Security. There are many alternatives, including a tablet, landline or simple cell phone (non-Smartphone) for your second factor instead.

Can I use my cell phone?
Yes, you may use your smartphone with Duo Security.

About Duo Mobile

Will Duo Mobile use cellular data?
Yes, if you allow push notifications, it will use a small amount of data.

Get more details from “Will Duo Mobile work without a data connection.”

How much data does a Duo Mobile Push use?
Very little. 500 pushes to your device will use one MB 1/1000 of a GB) of data. This is roughly equivalent to loading one webpage on your smartphone.

How much space does Duo Mobile take up on my phone?
The iOS app requires about 10 MB of free space and the Android app requires about 30 MB of free space.

Does installing Duo Mobile give up control of my phone?
No. Duo Mobile has no more access or visibility into your phone than any other app. Duo Mobile cannot read your emails/texts or track your location, it cannot see your browser history or pictures, and it requires your permission to send notifications. Duo Mobile cannot remotely wipe your phone.

Why does the Duo Mobile app need to access my camera?
Duo Mobile uses accesses to your camera to scan a QR code during activation.

Is it possible to use Duo Mobile on a smartphone without a data contract?
A data plan is not required for your device. You can use Duo Mobile over a WIFI connection only.

See "Will Duo Mobile work without a data connection" for more information.  

Can I use an iPad or Android tablet?
Yes, Duo Mobile supports iPads and Android tablets, whether they are WIFI-only or have a cellular contract.

What if I do not have a WIFI connection or cellular reception?
No problem.

See "Will Duo Mobile work without a data connection" for more information.  

Enrolling with Duo

I am new to Duo, how do I get setup?
If you wish to register a phone, a video tutorial is available here.

If you wish to register an additional phone, feel free to set up your landline phone.

I do not have a smartphone. Can I still use Duo Security?

Contact the EASE Support Group for more information.

Using Duo Mobile on Android?

Duo Mobile on Android

Using Duo Mobile on IOS?

Duo Mobile on iOS

Using Duo Mobile

What is the best way to authenticate?
Duo Push is an approval request (see picture below) you will receive as a notification on your smartphone.

It is quicker, easier, more secure and cheaper than receiving text messages or phone calls. To use Duo Push, you will need to have the Duo Mobile app installed and activated.

Will Duo Mobile work without a data connection (e.g. in Airplane Mode)?
Yes. The Duo Security application has a capability within the app to provide a one-time code to be used on the login prompt.

To generate a one-time code without a data connection, open the Duo Security application and click the green key next to the CME Group entry. Then, when you go to login to the target application, select "Enter a Passcode" on the login prompt as shown below.

A data connection on your device is not required to generate a valid passcode.

How can I manage my Duo settings?

Login to any Duo-protected CME application. Login with your username and password. On the Duo screen, select My Settings & Devices.

From there, you will be required to authenticate with Duo by using Duo Push or Phone/SMS. Once authenticated, you’ll be able to manage your settings and devices.

Can I use more than one device?
Yes, you may use more than one device. Simply follow the instructions to How can I manage my Duo settings? From that screen, click Add another device and follow the wizard.

When you have completed the wizard, you can choose your preferred authentication device when prompted:

How can I configure Duo to automatically send me a push request when logging into applications?
Simply follow the instructions to How can I manage my Duo settings?. From that screen, click the “When I log in” drop-down menu and choose “Automatically send this device a Duo Push”.  The next time you log in to a Duo-protected application, Duo will automatically contact you via your preferred method.

How do I remove a device that I no longer use?

Simply follow the instructions to access My Settings and Devices. From that screen, click Device Options next to the device you wish to delete then click the Trash Bin icon.

I have an Apple Watch. Does Duo Mobile support Apple Watch notifications?
Yes. With an Apple Watch, you can approve Duo Mobile notifications from your wrist. All you need to do is configure your Apple Watch to send you notifications for the Duo Mobile app.

Get more details.


How can I authenticate if my phone battery is dead or I do not have it with me?
If this happens, there are two options:
You can contact the EASE Team and request a bypass code. EASE will validate your identity over the phone before generating a bypass code, which can be used in absence of your phone.
2. If you set up a landline ahead of time as your second authentication device, you can select this during authentication. Duo will call the landline and you will press a button on your phone to complete the authentication.

See "How can I set up a landline as an alternate authenticator?"

What if my push alerts are not coming through?
Review the following links for your phone operating system:
iOS help 
Android help
Reactivate Duo Mobile or contact your help desk.

Who should I contact if I need help?
Contact the EASE Support Group at EASE@cmegroup.com:

United States +1 312 456 1560

Europe +44 203 379 3802

Asia +65 6593 5536 

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