Duo Security: Two-Factor Authentication

Nearly 90% of all security breaches are caused by stolen user login credentials due to targeted phishing campaigns.

As part of our continuing efforts to strengthen our information security program, CME Group Global Information Security team is rolling out a two-factor authentication tool called Duo Security.

Duo is a valuable tool that verifies your identity and protects your account against phishing and other password attacks. 

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication requires two methods to verify your identity: something you know, like a username and password, and something you have, like a smartphone or keychain fob. 

For CME Group applications, you already use something you know; Duo is adding something you have, to keep your information safe. To access applications protected by Duo, you will be required to download and register the Duo Mobile app.

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For additional information, read our frequently asked questions about Duo Security.

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