Customer and Market Protections

Risk management and financial surveillance are principal functions of CME Clearing's financial safeguards and customer protections system.

Market Protection Resources

CME Clearing offers several resources to provide our customers with the financial and risk management safeguards they need.

Financial Safeguards Brochure
LSOC and Cleared Swaps Customer Protection
CME Clearing: Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures Disclosure
CPMI-IOSCO Quantitative Disclosure

Customer Protections

CME Group established the $100 million Family Farmer and Rancher Protection fund to provide further protection of customer segregated funds for U.S. family farmers and ranchers who use CME Group markets to hedge their crops and livestock.

The Fund provides eligible farmers and ranchers up to $25,000 per participant and eligible cooperatives up to $100,000 per cooperative to protect against losses resulting from the future insolvency of a clearing member or market participant. 

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