Collateral Management Programs (IEF Programs)

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IEF2 Eligibility

CME Clearing currently supports the money market mutual funds listed below through its IEF2 Program.*

IEF2 Legal Disclaimer
Investments in money market mutual funds under the CME IEF2 Program are not guaranteed by CME or any other entity.

IEF2 Diversification Policy

Name of Fund Customer Segregated Firm Non-Segregated Cleared Swaps Customer
BlackRock FedFund
Ticker: TFDXX
DWS Government Money Market Series
Ticker: ICAXX
Dreyfus Government Cash Management
Ticker: DGCXX
Dreyfus Treasury & Agency Cash Management
Ticker: DTRXX
Federated Government Obligations Fund
Ticker: GOFXX
First American Government Obligations Fund
Ticker: FGXXX
First American Treasury Obligations Fund
Ticker: FXFXX
Goldman Sachs Financial Square Government Fund
Ticker: FGTXX
Goldman Sachs Financial Square Treasury Solutions Fund
Ticker: FEDXX
HSBC U.S. Government Money Market Fund
Ticker: HGIXX
JPMorgan U.S. Government Money Market Fund
Ticker: OGVXX
JPMorgan U.S. Treasury Plus Money Market Fund
Ticker: IJTXX
Morgan Stanley Institutional Liquidity Government Portfolio
Ticker: MVRXX
Morgan Stanley Institutional Liquidity Treasury Portfolio
Ticker: MISXX
State Street Institutional U.S. Government Money Market Fund
Ticker: GVMXX
UBS Select Government Preferred Fund
Ticker: SGPXX
UBS Select Treasury Preferred Fund
Ticker: STPXX

*For questions, please contact the Financial Unit at +1 312 207 2594.

Please call for details.*
Please call for details.*