1. Who is TrendSpider?

TrendSpider is a cutting-edge investing research and trading platform meticulously crafted to enhance decision-making for investors. Equipped with advanced charting and technical analysis tools, it streamlines a wide range of trading functions, from stragegy development to opportunity identification, asset analysis and trade timing. 

2. What is the TrendSpider charting pilot in CME Direct?

With the initial launch on CME Direct, you will receive access to TrendSpider's full suite of charting tools including pattern recognition and manual drawing. The functionality will be available inside of CME Direct from March 25, 2024. It will be delivered as an add-on feature, available inside of CME Direct, to a limited number of users.

3. I want to be part of this pilot and/or have colleagues that want to be part of it. How do we enroll?

If you are an active user of CME Direct and are interested in gaining access to TrendSpider’s automated technical analysis, dynamic charting and suite of powerful features, please fill out this form.

Please note that we have a limited number of licenses available, and can only satisfy one-off-requests on a first come first served basis. We may not be able to satisfy all requests, as this is only a pilot at this time.

4. How do I know if I’m on the list of users that will be receiving this functionality?

If you receive an email titled "Introducing enhanced charting on CME Direct" on March 25 you will have access to this functionality.

5. How long will this pilot last?

The pilot will last for six months. Depending on the customer feedback, we may look to bring this functionality to users on a more permanent basis, beyond the six-month pilot period.

6. Why is CME Group doing this?

CME Group is always looking to improve the user experience for our customers. The features are intended to streamline your charting and trading experience directly in the CME Direct interface. While this is only a trial period, we are trying to determine if this is functionality customers would value going forward.

7. What products are in scope for this pilot?

  • TrendSpider will support charting in all of our futures products.
  • Some, but not all, calendar spreads will be supported at this time.
  • TrendSpider does not support options at this time.

8. Will the charts update in real-time?

All TrendSpider charts will update automatically in real-time. Prices are updated based on last trade.

9. Where should I go to learn more about the functionality and how to use it?

The TrendSpider page on CME Direct will have information around how TrendSpider can benefit you, how to get set up, user guides, videos and more. 

10. TrendSpider’s Support and Training materials

Additionally there is a wealth of information of TrendSpiders homepage. More support includes: 

  • TrendSpider Help Page Documentation for TrendSpider’s full platform. Every feature, tool and button is documented here. Please note that the material here covers TrendSpider’s full software platform, and CME Direct functionality will be limited to charting and technical analysis.
  • TrendSpider Charting Documentation Full documentation for just the charting section. This covers everything that is included in the CME Direct deployment, while encompassing additional features. Please note the interface will look slightly different inside CME Direct. 

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