Introducing TrendSpider charting functionality for CME Direct

CME Group has partnered with TrendSpider to bring a new dynamic, modern charting experience to the CME Direct platform. The new TrendSpider charts make it easy to track real-time price action for CME Group futures instruments. You can now use over 200 indicators, perform one-click automated technical analysis, detect hundreds of candlestick chart patterns in real-time and more.

TrendSpider is designed to make charting and analysis more fluid and efficient, so you can make trading and risk management decisions efficiently and quickly. 

Why do you need TrendSpider charts?

Gain enhanced analysis precision to maximize your trading potential

TrendSpider automates chart patterns, trendlines, Fibonacci levels and support/resistance zones, enhancing analysis precision and eliminating manual drawing while reducing the need to switch between time frames or strain to identify patterns.

Simplify trading insights with automated pattern recognition

Multi-Time Frame Analysis (MTFA) allows users to plot timelines, indicators and patterns from one time frame to another.

Among its benefits are automatic and customizable trendline detection, tailored Fibonacci measuring, breakout detection and automatic anchoring for volume-by-price, as well as VWAP and OBV.

Optimize your analysis with multi-chart visualization

Analyze multiple charts for the same symbols, using multiple time frames, indicators and chart types from a single screen.

Additionally, you can view multiple charts cordially stacked in a single interface.

Use TrendSpider’s unique Raindrop™ charts to help you facilitate informed trading strategies

Raindrop charts in TrendSpider feature High, Low, Left VWAP and Right VWAP, replacing close and open prices.

This integration seamlessly incorporates Volume Profile into charting, offering a fresh perspective on market dynamics beyond open and close prices, combining volume, time and price into one visualization.

Contact a TrendSpider Expert

TrendSpider is open to a limited number of users. Connect with a member of our Platform Solutions team for access or for a demo.

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