CF DACS is a robust, multi-level system for classifying and segmenting digital assets by their functional purpose. It was created to help investors understand the blockchain economy and optimize their digital asset portfolios.

CF DACS was developed by CF Benchmarks, a leading cryptocurrency index provider regulated by the UK FCA whose flagship products power the deeply liquid suite of CME Group Bitcoin and Ether futures and options.

Types of categories

Subcategories and Segments Full Definition
Culture Decentralized applications that enable the creation, engagement, and consumption of cultural artefacts, experiences, interactions, and other forms of entertainment.
Finance Finance-focused decentralized applications that offer a diverse range of innovative financial products and services to both retail and institutional users.
Infrastructure Protocols addressing a myriad of challenges that revolve around, but are not restricted to, the blockchain trilemma. This also includes traditional IT services albeit blockchain based, such as cloud computing catering to both web3 and/or web2 clientele.
Non-Programmable No functionality for executing automated pre-defined transactions directly on the blockchain
Programmable Blockchains that enable automated predefined transactions between parties directly on the network using its standard consensus mechanism and parameters (i.e., smart contracts). These transactions are observable by all nodes on the blockchain and do not require third-party verification or execution.
Utility Protocols providing ancillary functionality in support of Sector applications by offering utility services such as Oracles. Such services empower developers and users to create and utilize DApps that cater to the unique requirements of different sectors. While primarily oriented towards web3, these protocols can also extend their benefits to traditional web2 users.

Types of subcategories

Subcategories and Segments Full Definition
Borrowing & Lending Protocols that provide users with borrowing and lending services, whether that be through a marketplace or defined service
Gaming Protocols empowering the development and operation of traditional games via blockchain technology. Such protocols typically introduce token economies, allowing players to earn cryptocurrencies and valuable in-game items, which can be traded within the game ecosystem.
General Purpose Smart Contract Platforms Blockchain that enables the development and deployment of a wide range of smart contracts capable of automating agreements, transactions, and business processes. They provide a general foundation for building applications across different industries with no specific use case in mind.
Oracles Protocols that bridge the gap between smart contracts and off-chain data. By facilitating the integration of real-world information and events, Oracles empower DApps to make informed decisions and execute actions based on external data inputs.
Trading Protocols that enable users to trade assets in transparent, secure, and user-centric marketplaces without intermediaries. They often incorporate new standards such as AMMs to enhance liquidity and provide access to a diverse range of assets.
VR & AR Protocols that combine the immersive capabilities of VR & AR with the transparency and security of blockchains. These protocols enable the creation of decentralized metaverses, where users can interact and explore immersive virtual worlds in a secure environment.

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