Latin American Swap Clearing

Since 2014, cost pressures have continued to mount in the bilateral swap market and voluntary clearing of OTC products has increased. Interest rate swap clearing in G4 currencies has increased 103%, while clearing in the 17 currencies outside of the G4 has soared 372% across the industry.

CME is the global leader in Latin American (LatAm) swap clearing. Since launching MXN TIIE and Brazilian CDI swaps, volume and participants have continued to grow in what is now a deeply liquid cleared swap market. In response to strong customer demand in May 2018 we launched Chilean Cámara Peso (CLP) and Colombian Peso (COP) swap clearing. To enhance our customers capital efficiencies in their LatAm businesses, we offer regular compression cycles for Brazilian, Colombian, and Mexican swaps.



Cleared MXN 28D TIIE swaps transition

As a part of the global transition to risk-free rates, Mexico will be transitioning from 28D TIIE to the TIIE de Fondeo, or F-TIIE, for its benchmark interest rate. CME Group is working to help facilitate this transition for cleared swaps.

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LatAm Highlights

  • Cleared IRS ADV in Latin American currencies exceeded $35.9 billion per day in 2022, +10% YoY
  • 345+ unique global participants have cleared LatAm IRS at CME, including 75+ LatAm-based participants.
  • Leading Collateral Acceptance Policy that includes MBONOS and Cetes.
  • $11.5T compressed by triReduce in LatAm currencies. 
  • 48 triReduce cycles in LatAm currencies with members and non-members participating.

Mexican TIIE IRS

  • 2022 ADV: $17.0 billion ADTC: 368
  • 300 participants clearing to date
  • 40+ liquidity providers and 12 FCMs live
  • Cleared volumes out to 31 years

Brazilian CDI IRS

  • 2022 ADV: $10.0 billion ADTC: 244
  • 225 participants clearing to date
  • 30+ liquidity providers and 11 FCMs live


Chilean Cámara IRS and Colombian IBR OIS

  • CLP 2022 ADV: $6.7 billion ADTC: 222
  • COP 2022 ADV: $2.2 billion ADTC: 95
  • 180 CLP participants clearing to date
  • 130 COP participants clearing to date
  • 30+ liquidity providers and 11 FCMs live
Data as of December 31, 2022

Contract Specifications

  Product Type Maximum Maturity Floating Rate Index Settlement Currency Price Alignment Rate Variation Margin, Coupons and Fees Holiday Calendar Settlement & Business Day Convention FX Rate
Mexican Peso Interest rate Swap 31 Years MXN-TIIE-Banxico MXN SOFR adjusted by FX vvernight and tomorrow next rates MXN Mexico City MXN will be settled on a next day (T+1) basis Default will be ACT/365.FIXED  
Brazilian Real Zero Coupon Swap 10 Years BRL-CDI* USD SOFR USD Brazil Business Day** USD will be settled on a next day (T+1) basis Default will be Bus/252 The below FX rate will be used to convert BRL coupon payments to USD: “ask” price reported on Bloomberg Page BZFXPTAX at approximately 1:15 p.m. Sao Paulo time, on the relevant date
Chilean Peso Interest Rate Swap, Zero Coupon Swap 20 Years CLP-TNA (Indice Cámara Promedio) USD SOFR USD Santiago (CLSA) and New York (USNY) Santiago (CLSA) and New York (USNY) CLP.DOLAR.OBS/CLP10
Colombian Peso Overnight Index Swap 20 Years COP-IBR-OIS-COMPOUND USD SOFR USD Bogotá (COBO) and New York (USNY) USD will be settled on a next day (T+1) basis.  Default will be ACT/360 COP.TRM/COP02

* Refers to the Overnight Brazilian Interbank Deposit Rate Annualized as the average of the DI-OVER-EXTRA Grupo as published by CETIP
** A business day in any of San Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or Brasilia not otherwise declared as a financial market holiday by the BM&F

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