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Gold (Enhanced Delivery) futures (4GC)

The new Gold (Enhanced Delivery) futures contract – ticker symbol 4GC – is a physically-delivered contract that will offer expanded choices for physical delivery in COMEX-approved warehouses.

4GC futures will enable delivery of 400-ounce, 100-ounce, and Kilo bar sizes to offer participants maximum flexibility for managing delivery in the current market conditions.

The contract will be listed on COMEX for April 2020 initial expiration, traded in US dollars per troy ounce, and sized at 100 troy ounces, complementing our existing products such as benchmark Gold futures (GC).

Key benefits

400 ounce and 1-kilo choices facilitate delivery

Added delivery sizes means fewer bars must be recast to be accepted at New York COMEX-approved warehouses.

Access via inter-commodity spreads (ICS) with GC futures

ICS gives existing GC traders easier access to the new market.

Accumulated Certificates of Exchange (ACEs) accepted

Due to different delivery sizes available, ACEs will be accepted to enable seamless delivery.

FAQ: Gold (Enhanced Delivery) futures

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Physical delivery process: Get an explanation of how the physical delivery process for Gold (Enhanced Delivery) futures works, complete with  diagrams.
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