CME Reference Data API

Access the information you need through the CME Reference Data API, the first ever real-time API solution for every CME Group product and instrument.

Embed the API in your system’s product matrices and databases to automate market understanding for all CME Group and hosted partner markets.

CME Reference Data API includes the following information:

  • Contract specifications
  • Product codes and symbols
  • Trade and order type eligibility
  • Trading schedules
  • Instrument lifecycle dates: first and last trade date, notices, delivery dates and settlement dates

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Key Benefits

  • Reduce the risk of errors with automated definitions
  • Machine-readable API delivers product and instrument information without human intervention
  • Access CME Group markets and products faster
  • A cost-effective solution to accessing product data

API Specifications

To get more information about how to implement the API, including specifications, you can visit our Client Systems Wiki for technical information. 

Access the CME Reference Data API Specifications

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