Getting Started: Clearing OTC

Take advantage of streamlined onboarding and operational efficiencies of clearing OTC Interest Rate and FX swaps through CME Clearing.

Estimated Timeline to Cleared OTC Readiness

Clearing Firm and Affirmation Platform Selection

If you intend to clear OTC IRS and/or FX products with CME Clearing, you will also need to establish the following relationships:

Clearing Firm:
Select and complete a Futures Account Agreement with a Cleared OTC Derivatives Addendum:
View a list of clearing firms.

Execution Provider:
Submit the FIA-ISDA Cleared Derivatives Execution Agreement to onboard with an execution provider.

Execution and/or affirmation platform:
Select an execution and/or affirmation platform to clear with CME Clearing.
View a list of Platforms connected.

Onboarding with CME Clearing and Active UAT Testing

Once you have completed these steps, you must register your legal entity in CME ClearPort by filling out the OTC Clearing Account Registration Form.

The form gathers necessary details about your legal entity and enables you to make elections on which fee schedule you wish to utilise, who your main contacts are and which affirmation platform you will be using.

  • Step 1: Register and activate a CME Group Login ID through the CME Group Login Registration Process and instruct any backup verification officer to do the same. The backup must provide the primary verification officer with their newly created CME Group Login ID.
  • Step 2: Complete the online OTC Clearing Account Registration Form
  • A designated verification officer of the firm must complete the form and click "submit" to send the registration form online.

    To edit and disable existing firm and user contact information, registered firms can submit an email to
  • Step 3: Set up FTP folder to access reports from web portal or email for details.
  • Step 4: Finally, perform active UAT Testing and indicative margin analysis. This step of your transition is designed to ensure accuracy and reliability, at every stage of the clearing process.

CME CORE: Clearing Online Risk Engine

Try our interactive margin calculator and evaluate initial margin requirements for all CME Group products.

With CME CORE users can:

  • Execute “what-if” margin analysis on hypothetical portfolios
  • Margin all CME Group futures and options as well as interest rate swaps, non-deliverable forwards and OTC FX options
  • Execute OTC efficiency analysis through additional analytics

CME Group Reporting

Reports Description Time (Eastern Time) Available in Testing Available in Production Asset Class
Preliminary Trade Register Includes new and open trades as well as corresponding cash flows on positions cleared prior to 4:45 p.m. EST on that day 4:45 p.m.     IRS
End-of-Day Trade Register

Includes new and open trades as well as corresponding cash flows on positions cleared on that day

8 p.m.     IRS

Curve Input Report

Contains the curve inputs of the CME Swap Curve

4:30 p.m.     IRS

Discount Factor Report

Displays the daily discount factor out of 31 years

4:30 p.m.


CME Holiday Calendar

Shows the CME Holiday Calendar

3 p.m.


PAI Rate File

Provides the rate used to calculate PAI

1 p.m.


Client Margin Report

Provides an account by account breakdown of your initial margin requirements across your FCMs

10 p.m.


Settlement Price File

Provides end of day settlement prices

7 p.m.


Risk Parameter File

Provides the updated settlement curve for margining OTC FX

7 p.m.


Trade Register

Position report that contains all new and open trades and cash flows

9:30 p.m.


Margin Report

Provides an account by breakdown of your initial margin requirements

11 p.m.


CME Holiday Calendar

Shows the CME Holiday Calendar

3 p.m.


Product Reference

Provides the contract eligible for next day clearing

7:30 p.m.


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