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Facilitating Capital Efficiencies for a Capital Constrained World

CME Margin Services has saved market participants as much as $2.34 billion in overnight funding costs, and provided indicative margin savings up to 89%. The CME Clearing Online Risk Engine (CORE) Margin API is licensed to more than 80 entities. 

Margin services at CME Group offer simple, easy-to-use tools to integrate with and connect you to powerful margin engines.

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To decide which tools and services will work best for you, contact:

CME Margin Services Team

Key Benefits

  • Reduced bilateral counterparty credit risk and freed credit lines
  • Improved capital ratios and lowered capital charges
  • Operational efficiency

Planned 2022 Enhancements

  • Usability enhancements for CME CORE User Interface
  • SPAN 2 Comparison Tools for in-scope products
  • Daily SPAN files for Deployable for all remaining cycles (.x, .a etc.)
  • SPAN 2 daily files for all margin cycles (.s, .ietc.)
  • Pre-trade SPAN risk array file approximating SPAN 2 methodology
  • Historical Margin Support in CME CORE

Select A Margin Tool

Depending on your needs we have a margin tool for you, whether you prefer to access via a browser, API or downloaded software to run calculations locally. Use our margin tool matrix to select the solution most suitable for your needs.

Margin Tool Matrix

CME Clearing Online Risk Engine (CORE) GUI

Accessible via any web browser

CME CORE is an interactive margin calculator that allows you to calculate and evaluate initial margin requirements for all CME Group products, both listed and OTC.

Getting Started with CME CORE

To access CME CORE, you will need a CME Group Login ID. To obtain a CME Group Login ID:

1. Complete this registration form.
2. Receive your CME Group Login ID.
3. Email to request entitlements to CME CORE. You will need to provide:

  • Your user ID
  • The asset class for which you want interactive margin calculations

View CME Core Demo


Integrate with CME Group-hosted margin engines via common REST interface

The Margin Service API is designed to give you direct access to CME Clearing initial margin engines for portfolios. Users can pass through their portfolios of all CME cleared products for initial margin and incremental margin calculation.  It also provides features such as interest rate portfolio margin savings and margin estimation.

The API has five main endpoints: analytics, margin, portfolio, transactions, and all-in-one. Each endpoint supports the standard GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE HTTP functions.

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CME Deployable Software

Install CME Group-provided software to run calculations locally

Deployable margin software enables you to:

  • Interact with CME Group margin model
  • Compute initial margin requirement on cleared or hypothetical portfolios
  • Reconcile end-of-day margin requirements with CME Group
  • Integrate calculation capabilities with proprietary risk management systems
  • Control performance, scalability and flexibility 

Software suite for trading firms, clearing members and service providers Includes:

Services for CCPs include:

  • SPAN RM Clearing
  • Licensing SPAN™ from CME Group

Contact for further details on licensing any of our services.  The licensing process may include an NDA, Evaluation Agreement and Production Software Agreement.

CME Margin Services Capabilities

CME Products Supported Functionality Available

Futures and Options (including OTC Commodities)

Verify margin for all CME Group futures and options (NYMEX, COMEX, CME, CBOT)
Execute 'What-if' margin analysis on hypothetical portfolios
New: Forecasted current end of day margin analysis (test environment only)

Interest Rate Swaps and Swaptions

Verify margin for CME-cleared or hypothetical IRS positions
IRS Portfolio margin optimization analysis to receive margin savings
Incremental VAR and 'What if' analysis to see margin impacts
Indicative Margin Requirements available through “Margin Matrix” on homepage


Verify margin for CME-cleared or hypothetical Non-Deliverable Forwards, Cash-Settled Forwards and FX option positions
Indicative Margin Requirements available through “Margin Matrix” on homepage

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