• CME ETR ready to receive back-loaded historic trades

      • #
      • ETR-02-11-14
      • Notice Date
      • 11 February 2014
      • Effective Date
      • 11 March 2014
    • Please be advised that CME European Trade Repository is ready to receive back-loaded trades. Listed here are the ESMA reporting requirements for historic trades –


      • Contracts which were entered into before, on, or after August 16 2012 (EMIR start date) and are not outstanding on or after 12 Feb 2014 (Reporting Commencement Date):
      • Report within three years after Reporting Commencement Date

      • Contracts entered into before 16 August 2012 and are outstanding on or after Reporting Commencement Date:
      • Report within 90 days after Reporting Commencement Date

      • Contracts entered into on or after 16 August 2012 and are outstanding on or after Reporting Commencement Date:
      • Report immediately at T+1 day

      • Contracts entered into on or after Reporting Commencement Date:
      • Report immediately at T+1 day


      In order to back-loaded trades to CME ETR, trades should be marked as ‘Y’ in the ‘Backload’ field, as shown below –

      Backload Indicator that this records is a back-loaded trade/Position

      Valid Values:Y/N


      CME ETR recommends using s-FTP for trade submissions bearing a large number of records. However, we are happy to accept back-loaded trades using any of the following delivery methods –

      • CSV files via Web Portal (Secure User Interface) uploading, HTTPS web service, or secure FTP.
      • CME ETR accepts manual data submission via the Secure User Interface (using CSV templates upload).

      In order to assistant any client requiring s-FTP set-up, CME have taken the proactive approach of setting up s-FTP facilities for all Production accounts which had a complete CME ETR registration yesterday. All further companies can also be set-up for s-FTP upon request, by emailing repositorysupport@cmegroup.com.
      For s-FTP, this email has two attachments –

      1. FTP connectivity document which contains the IP Addresses of CME servers. Please have your IT Staff provide access through your firewall for CME IPs
      2. Optional - The public key installation document which explains how to install your key on our server if that is the connection method you choose.

      Please call CME FTP Global Repository Support on +1 312 338 7112 for your User Id and Password.

      Kind regards,

      CME European Trade Repository Team


      Please find our support contact details below for any further technical or business related queries.

      CME ETR Production URL:

      CME ETR website address:
      Business Team:
      Support Team:
      CME ETR Support phone number:
      Number + 44 (0) 203 379 3180

      CME ETR Hours of Operation:
      CME ETR service is available to client’s twenty four hours a day starting Sunday 1500 hrs and ending Saturday 0600 hrs (GMT). Please note this does not allow for British Summer Time changes.

      Public Key Installation V2
      FTP Conectivity V5