• Training Schedule for Upcoming NYMEX/COMEX Clearing Integration

      • To
      • Clearing Member Firms, Back Office Managers
      • From
      • Client Management Training Services and CME Clearing
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      • 09-198
      • Notice Date
      • 11 May 2009
      • Effective Date
      • 11 May 2009
    • Beginning May 18, 2009, Client Management Training Services will offer training sessions on several clearing applications, in preparation for the upcoming NYMEX, COMEX and DME clearing integration.  Integration testing is scheduled to start on Monday, May 18, 2009 for Beta firms and June 1, 2009 for all firms. Testing for Metals Deliveries will be conducted separately. An advisory will be forthcoming from CME Clearing that includes testing details. 
      Two Views of FEC
      It’s important to note that there are two views of the FEC (Front End Clearing) application. The view which has been in production for use by clearing member firm back office staff includes the following functionality:
      • FEC Privately Negotiated Transactions (PNT’s)
      • FEC Give-ups
      • FEC Average Price Trades 
      • FEC Fungibles, Transfers and Net Positions
       There is a new floor view of FEC that will be implemented August 17 for COMEX trades and September 14 for NYMEX trades.  This floor view will replace the existing TMS application currently used by COMEX clerks/traders and NYMEX staff for trade entry and trade allocation to clearing member firms.  When implemented, all trades entered and allocated by COMEX/NYMEX clerks and traders in the floor view of FEC will be accessible by clearing member firm back office staff for subsequent transaction processing. 
      Class Schedule and Registration
      Page 2 of this advisory includes a schedule of classes that will be offered over the next few months. Please note that the FEC and Positions classes will be conducted using MS-Live meeting, which is the web-conferencing tool that lets us conduct training remotely. To register for a training session, please click on the Registration  link. After you complete the registration form, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access the MS-Live meeting training session.  Registration is currently only available for FEC and Positions classes. We will announce when registration will be open for all other training sessions listed in the schedule.    
      FEC and Positions Training – Location Options
      Member firm staff will have the choice of attending the MS-Live sessions either in their own back offices or at the 4th Floor NYMEX Training Facility.  For the latter, Tina Bhatt, the class instructor, will remotely walk class participants step-by-step through both the FEC and Positions applications, which will be projected onto a large screen, while she describes the functionality via a conference phone. Training guides will also be available ahead of time via our web-site and distributed in the training center.
      Previously Offered Classes/Refresher Training
      To date, classes have been held on the following applications, which are currently in use:
      • Banking and Asset Management
      • Settlements
      • Brokerage Payment System (BPS)
      • Combined Fee System (CFS)
      We offer individual one-on-one training as a refresher or for new member firm staff. 
      On-Line System Access – Reminder
      All clearing member firm staff that require access to any CME Group clearing application should click on  
      http://www.cmegroup.com/clearing/files/onlineaccess.pdf to complete the On-Line System Access Request Form.
      Please contact Client Management Training Services at 312-903-4523 or email cmts@cmegroup.com if you have any questions concerning the new training schedule or if you would like additional training on any of the applications currently in use.

      Thank you!


      NYMEX/COMEX Training Schedule
      May 11, 2009

      Class Name          
      FEC Privately Negotiated Transactions PNT(s)
      Monday, May 18
      12-1:30 CT
      (1-1-:30 ET)
      MS-Live/NYMEX Training Room
      FEC Give-Ups 
      Tuesday, May 19
      12-1:30 CT
      (1-2:30 ET)
      MS-Live/NYMEX Training Room
      FEC Average Pricing System (APS)
      Wednesday, May 20
      10-11:30 CT
      (11-12:30 ET)
      MS-Live/NYMEX Training Room
      FEC Fungibles, Transfers, and Net Positions
      Thursday, May 21
      12-1:30 CT
      (1-2:30 ET)
      MS-Live/NYMEX Training Room
      Wednesday, May 27
      9-10 AM CT (10-11 AM ET
      MS-Live/NYMEX Training Room
      Thursday, May 28
      9-10 AM CT (10-11 AM ET)
      MS-Live/NYMEX Training Room
      Thursday, May 28
      1-2 PM CT (2-3 PM ET)
      MS-Live/NYMEX Training Room
      Friday, May 29
      9-10 AM CT
      Chicago – 20 S. Wacker – 3N Training Room
      Metals Deliveries – New York
      June 23 – June 25
      NYMEX Training Room
      Metals Deliveries – Chicago
      June 26
      MS Live
      June 30
      Chicago – 20 S.Wacker  -- 3N Training Room
       FEC (floor view) for COMEX Clerks (TMS Replacement)
      July 20 - August 14
      11:00-12:30 &
      2:00-3:30 ET
      NYMEX Training Room – 4th Fl.
      FEC (floor view) for NYMEX Clerks (TMS Replacement)
      August 17 - September 11
      11:00-12:30 &
      3:00-4:30 ET
      NYMEX Training Room – 4th Fl.
      Energy Deliveries