CME Group is vitally aware of its role in global markets and is confident that our operational standards paired with our financial safeguards provide an effective set of risk management tools and capabilities that result in industry leading risk management capabilities. Risk management and financial surveillance are principal functions of CME Clearing’s financial safeguards.

The financial safeguards:

  • Are designed to provide the highest level of safety and the early detection of unsound financial practices
  • Are continually evaluated and updated to reflect the most advanced risk management and financial surveillance techniques
  • Are administered by senior management from the Audit, Clearing, Banking and Collateral Services, Legal, Market Regulation, Risk Management departments including additional executive areas of CME Group

The following highlights available resources of CME Clearing as of March 31, 2024, in the event of a clearing member default.

Guaranty Fund Requirement $7,457,056,763
Designated Corporate Contributions $100,000,000
Assessment Powers* $20,506,905,851
Total Amount of Initial Margin $223,441,489,673
Guaranty Fund Requirement $2,277,200,697
Designated Corporate Contributions $150,000,000
Assessment Powers $898,040,433
Total Amount of Initial Margin $44,001,730,280

*Base Assessments are calculated to reflect the potential obligation that each clearing member could be called for in the event clearing member defaults exhaust the guaranty fund, however the total amount available would be reduced by the defaulted clearing members assessment obligations since they would no longer be able to satisfy their obligations.

Read CME Clearing's Financial Safeguards Document for complete details on CME Clearing’s financial safeguards system. The brochure is intended to provide an overview of CME Clearing’s financial safeguards system. For additional details and applicable rules, please reference the respective CME Clearing rulebooks published on CME Group’s website (

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