• Decrease of Spot Month Position Limit, Single Month Accountability Level and All Month Accountability Level of the Zinc Futures Contract

      • #
      • MSN11-07-19
      • Notice Date
      • 07 November 2019
      • Effective Date
      • 27 November 2019
    • Effective at the close of trading November 27, 2019 for the December 2019 contract month and beyond, the Commodity Exchange, Inc. (“COMEX” or “Exchange”) will decrease the spot month position limit of the Zinc Futures contract from 75 to 25 futures contract equivalents. As a result of the decrease, the Exchange will concurrently reduce the single month and all month accountability levels and reporting level as noted below and in Exhibits A & B of COMEX Submission No.19-398.

      For the full text of this notice, please see the link attached below.