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NYMEX to Launch Fifteen New Petroleum Swap Futures Contracts on NYMEX ClearPort®

Fri Feb 29 2008

NEW YORK, Feb. 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc., a subsidiary of NYMEX Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: NMX), today announced that it will introduce 15 new financially-settled swap futures contracts on March 9 for the trade date March 10. These contracts include an EIA on-highway diesel swap, various gasoil swaps, two heating oil swaps, two fuel oil swaps and a Gulf Coast diesel vs. jet fuel swap futures contract.

The new contracts and their commodity codes are: EIA on-highway retail diesel swap (HI), gasoil (ICE) mini calendar swap (QA), gasoil 0.1 barges FOB Rotterdam swap (VL), gasoil barges FOB Rotterdam vs. ICE gasoil swap (WQ), gasoil 0.1 cargoes FOB Northwest Europe swap (WR), gasoil 0.1 cargoes FOB Northwest Europe vs. ICE gasoil swap (WT), gasoil 0.1 cargoes CIF Northwest Europe swap (TW), gasoil 0.1 cargoes CIF Northwest Europe vs. ICE gasoil swap (TU), gasoil 10ppm cargoes CIF Northwest Europe swap (TY), gasoil 10ppm cargoes CIF Northwest Europe vs. ICE gasoil swap (TP), New York heating oil (Platts) swap (YF), New York heating oil (Platts) vs. NYMEX heating oil swap (YH), New York 0.3 % fuel oil swap (VQ), New York 1% fuel oil vs. Gulf Coast 3% fuel oil swap (VR), Gulf Coast ULSD (Platts) vs. Gulf Coast jet spread swap (VV).

The EIA on-highway retail diesel swap, both New York heating oil contracts, and the Gulf Coast ULSD (Platts) vs. Gulf Coast jet spread swap futures contracts are 42,000 gallons. The gasoil (ICE) mini calendar swap contract is 100 metric tons and the eight remaining gasoil contracts are 1,000 metric tons. The two New York fuel oil swap futures contracts are 1,000 barrels in size.

The contracts will be available for trading and clearing on NYMEX ClearPort and the first listed month will be April 2008. All 15 contracts will be listed until the last business day of the contract month.

Information on fees can be found on the NYMEX web site,

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