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NYMEX, Dow Jones Introduce NYMEX Direct Daily Newsletters for Energy, Metals Markets

Tue Mar 13 2007

NEW YORK, NY, March 13, 2007 — The New York Mercantile, Inc., the world's largest energy and metals exchange, and Dow Jones, the indispensable source of real-time news and information for financial professionals, today announced the launch of NYMEX Direct daily newsletters for NYMEX energy and metals market participants.

The two newsletters offer the latest market data from the NYMEX, as well as market recaps and feature stories from Dow Jones Newswires. The daily reports will serve as a review of the day's trading activity, cover developing stories and offer a preview of what to expect the following day. The NYMEX Direct newsletters are emailed to subscribers every afternoon after the energy and metals open outcry markets close for the day.

The NYMEX Direct daily for energy markets will review activity in crude oil, natural gas, heating oil, and gasoline markets. The newsletter for metals market participants will cover trading and news for gold, silver, copper, aluminum, platinum and palladium.

NYMEX President and Chief Executive Officer James E. Newsome said, "The NYMEX Direct newsletters will provide energy and metals market participants with our market data and Dow Jones content as a daily wrap up to the trading day. These will be invaluable tools for professional traders to review the day’s activities and plan for the next trading day in a user-friendly, readable format."

"The insights gained from this combination of NYMEX data and Dow Jones news will be a powerful asset for energy and market participants. By working again with NYMEX, Dow Jones is ensuring that these professionals are getting the information they need throughout the trading day and beyond," said Neal Lipschutz, senior vice president and managing editor, Dow Jones Newswires.

NYMEX market participants may subscribe to the NYMEX Direct energy newsletter by visiting and to the NYMEX Direct metals newsletter by visiting

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