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NYMEX Reports February 2007 Volume Averages 1.55 Million Contracts Per Day, Up 34 Percent from Year Ago Period

Mon Mar 05 2007

New York, N.Y., March 5, 2007 — NYMEX Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:NMX), the parent company of the New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc., announced today that average daily volume in February 2007 was 1.55 million contracts per day, a 34 percent increase from 1.15 million contracts per day in the same period of 2006.

NYMEX electronic volume on the CME Globex® elctronic trading platform was 601,000 contracts per day and represented a 448 percent increase over the February 2006 electronic volume on NYMEX ACCESS®. NYMEX floor–traded energy futures and options averaged 332,000 contracts per day for February 2007.

COMEX electronic volume on CME Globex averaged 91,000 contracts per day and represented a 685 percent increase over the February 2006 NYMEX ACCESS electronic volume. COMEX floor–traded average daily volume was 52,000 contracts for February 2007.

Average daily volume on NYMEX ClearPort® increased 45 percent in February 2007 to 386,000 contracts, from 267,000 contracts in the comparable period of 2006. The remaining volume of 84,000 trades per day consisted of other transactions which includes position transfers and exchanges.

Note: The above figures are preliminary and may change slightly due to the fact that the last days of the month have not been finalized and are thus subject to adjustments and corrections. Average daily volume is based on 19 trading days for February 2005 and 2006.

January Rate Per Contract Gross average rate per contract across all venues in January 2007 was $1.51, while the net average rate per contract, including direct transaction costs, was $1.25. This is compared to gross average rate per contract of $1.37, and a net average rate per contract of $1.26 for January 2006. Direct transaction costs were $8.6 million for January 2007 vs. $2.6 million for January 2006.

FEBRUARY AVERAGE DAILY VOLUMES Venue 2007 2006 NYMEX floor 332,323 582,715 NYMEX electronic 600,953 109,688 COMEX floor 51,770 120,207 COMEX electronic 90,500 11,522 ClearPort 385,715 267,001 Other 84,140 63,108 Total 1,545,401 1,154,240 JANUARY AVERAGE RATES PER CONTRACT Venue Net RPC NYMEX floor $1.20 NYMEX electronic $0.88 COMEX floor $1.26 COMEX electronic $1.17 ClearPort $1.74 Other $2.13 Total Average Net Rate $1.25 Direct Transaction Cost $0.26 Gross Average Net Rate $1.51

Differences in tables due to rounding.

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