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Exchange to Launch New European Energy Futures Contracts on NYMEX ClearPort®

Thu Feb 02 2006

New York, N.Y., February 2, 2006 -- The New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc., announced today that it will introduce 26 new European energy futures contracts for clearing on NYMEX ClearPort® on February 21.

The crude oil swaps contracts will include swaps based in whole or in part on the ICE Brent futures contract: dated-to-frontline Brent swap futures; Brent calendar swap futures; Brent bullet swap futures; Brent-West Texas Intermediate (WTI) bullet swap futures; Brent-WTI calendar swap futures; WTI bullet swap futures; Brent-Dubai swap futures; Brent contract for differences; gasoil crack spread futures; Argus gasoline crack spread swap futures; Platts gasoline crack spread swap futures; and naphtha crack spread futures;

The gasoil-related contracts include: gasoil 0.2 (Rotterdam barges) vs. ICE gasoil swap futures; gasoil 0.2 (FOB Northwest Europe) vs. ICE gasoil swap futures; gasoil 0.2 (FOB Mediterranean) vs. ICE gasoil swap futures; gasoil 0.2 (CIF Mediterranean) vs. ICE gasoil swap futures; gasoil 10 PPM (Rotterdam barges) vs. ICE gasoil swap futures; ULSD 50 PPM (CIF Northwest Europe) vs. ICE gasoil swap futures; ULSD 50 PPM (CIF Mediterranean) vs. ICE gasoil swap futures; ULSD 50 PPM (FOB Mediterranean) vs. ICE gasoil swap futures; jet fuel (CIF Northwest Europe) vs. ICE gasoil swap futures; jet fuel (Rotterdam barges) vs. ICE gasoil swap futures; Singapore gasoil vs. ICE gasoil swap futures; and NYMEX Division heating oil futures vs. ICE gasoil spread swap futures. 

Residual fuel-related contracts include the 3.5% fuel oil crack swap futures and 1% fuel oil crack swap futures. 

Margins and specifications for these contracts will be made available soon.

Mark Lyons, head of derivatives trading of UK-based Projector Funds said, “The high volatility and oil price that is now a function of day-to-day oil transactions results in increasing working capital demands on both small and large companies. NYMEX ClearPort® is leading the way in enabling companies to protect forward risk and maximize returns on capital by providing an ever increasing list of cleared over-the-counter oil products. The clearing function mitigates counterparty risk and the requirement to support a large credit function at the same time as making the oil market more accessible to more counterparties. This can only be a good thing for the oil market”

Exchange President James E. Newsome said, “NYMEX has been working with European market participants to create a new slate of products to help them more effectively manage their risk. We continue to adapt our product offerings to best serve the needs of the marketplace.


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