Micro Metals futures

Uncover new opportunities and manage metals exposure with the same capital efficiency as standard futures and a smaller up-front financial commitment.

Discover the benefits of futures to uncover new metals opportunities, diversify, or manage price risk – for a fraction of the upfront financial commitment.

Trade Metals for less margin

Get the same benefits as the world’s most liquid Metals futures benchmarks – nearly 24-hour trading, price discovery, leverage, counterparty credit risk mitigation, and more – for a smaller initial margin.

Fine-tune your metals exposure

Scale metals positions up or down with precision and add the flexibility to convert into/out of larger contracts as trading needs and market conditions evolve.

Gain pure market exposure

Futures offer straightforward exposure to underlying metals, avoiding the slippage and tracking errors that can come with ETFs and stocks.

Futures let you trade the cash value of set quantities (in oz) of gold, silver and palladium.

Track a liquid and responsive market

Track the latest metals developments with expert commentary and learn when metals can be a store of value while other markets are turbulent.

Micro Metals products

Micro-sized contracts, more metals opportunities

Our Micro Metals offerings give traders of all sizes more access to Gold, Silver, and Palladium opportunities with the lower relative risk of trading contracts with smaller notional values.

Micro Gold and Silver futures overview

Are you looking for the opportunity to trade Gold or Silver futures? Would smaller size contracts suit your trading strategies or upfront capital availability better?

Micro Gold and Micro Silver futures contracts may be the alternative for you.

Introduction to Precious Metals

Since the dawn of time, society has sought after and prized precious metals such as gold and silver. Through the ages, these metals have been used as a measure of wealth and value and as a medium of exchange. Learn more about the trading opportunities found in precious metals markets.

Contract specifications

Learn the contract details for trading our Micro Metals futures.

UNDERLYING MARKET Copper, a widely used base metal Gold, a widely used precious metal Silver, a widely used precious metal Palladium, a widely used precious metal
CONTRACT SIZE 2,500 pounds 10 troy ounces 1,000 troy ounces 10 troy ounces
RATIO TO STANDARD CONTRACT 1/10 of Copper futures 1/10 of COMEX Gold futures 1/5 of COMEX Silver futures 1/10 of NYMEX Palladium futures
MINIMUM TICK/PRICE FLUCTUATION $0.0005 per pound $0.10 per troy ounce $0.01 per troy ounce $0.50 per troy ounce
DOLLAR VALUE OF ONE TICK $1.25 per contract $0.10 per troy ounce $10 per contract $5 per contract
SETTLEMENT Financial Physical Physical Physical
TRADING HOURS Sunday 5:00 p.m. - Friday - 4:00 p.m. CT with a 60-minute break each day beginning at 4:00 p.m. CT

View the latest insights on trends in the Metals market.  

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