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Grain index data to enhance your benchmarking and performance measurement

Get ahead of the curve and power your trading decisions using high-performing production forecasts and grain indexes from cmdty by Barchart – available on CME DataMine.

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cmdty US Grain Indexes are the only benchmark for physical grain in North America. These indexes allow grain professionals to power their products with accurate and reliable grain prices from over 4,000 grain buying locations.

Highlights of US Grain Indexes

  • End-of-Day Assessments: Drive your front and back office with reliable and unbiased data from cmdtyIndexes. Independent end-of-day pricing allows users to analyze historical trade performance, and spot opportunities with new potential counterparties.
  • Continuous Fair Values: With real-time assessments built on cash grain bids, you can power your commodity trading and analytics platform — ensuring that the price you’re buying or selling is the true market price.
  • Forward Curves for Grain: Get 12 months of forward curve information for over 4,000 index areas. This data can be easily used to plot curves historically and identify seasonal patterns.

cmdty US Production Forecast Indexes allow users to get better information faster than through traditional USDA reports. Available at the county, CRD, State, and National level, cmdty by Barchart produces over 3,000 daily production estimates throughout the United States.

Highlights of the US Production Forecast Indexes

  • 3,000+ Daily Updates: Get daily updated production, yield, and harvested area forecasts for your county, all the way up to the national level. You’ll get everything you need with broad coverage and frequent updates.
  • Historical Data: cmdty production forecasts outperform and we’ve got the data to prove it. Historical forecasts are available back to 2014 for Corn and Soybeans.
  • Build Pricing Models: With forecast data that is ahead of the curve you can build robust pricing models for futures. Combine with the grain indexes to customize a crop marketing strategy.


cmdty methodology uses a sophisticated - but transparent - weighting process to ensure the commodity prices reflect underlying market economics. By combining price with capacity and throughput, cmdtyIndexes is the only source for grain pricing that isn’t just “average.”

Grain index methodology

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