Cash-Settled Future Prices

Equity Cash-Settled Prices

The final settlement prices of popular U.S. index futures at CME Group are listed in the following table. The values are provided after they are determined by the index providers and transmitted to CME Clearing on the expiration day. For a complete list of cash settlement value, please follow the link to the corresponding CSV file.

Index/Futures Ticker Symbol Last Update Time Price
S&P 500 & E-mini S&P 500 & Micro E-mini S&P 500 SPZ9/ESZ9/MESZ9 9:05am CT 3231.02
E-mini NASDAQ-100 & Micro E-mini Nasdaq-100 NQZ9/MNQZ9 9:35am CT 8707.46
E-mini Dow & Micro E-mini Dow YMZ9/MYMZ9 9:10am CT 28605.58
E-mini S&P MidCap 400 EMDZ9
9:20am CT 2063.32
E-mini S&P 500 ESG Futures ESGZ9 9:20am CT 271.08
E-mini Communication Services Select Sector XAZZ9 9:35am CT 283.39
E-mini Consumer Staples Select Sector XAPZ9 9:20am CT 637.29
E-mini Consumer Discretionary Select Sector XAYZ9 9:20am CT 1261.97
E-mini Health Care Select Sector XAVZ9 9:20am CT 1036.91
E-mini Financial Select Sector XAFZ9 9:20am CT 380.32
E-mini Technology Select Sector XAKZ9 9:20am CT 917.52
E-mini Energy Select Sector XAEZ9 9:20am CT 619.30
E-mini Utilities Select Sector XAUZ9 9:20am CT 652.85
E-mini Industrial Select Sector XAIZ9 9:20am CT 821.43
E-mini Materials Select Sector XABZ9 9:20am CT 646.00
E-mini Real Estate Select Sector XARZ9 9:20am CT 185.91
Dow Jones US Real Estate RXZ9 9:20am CT 363.95
E-mini Nasdaq-100 Biotechnology Index Futures BQZ9 9:35am CT 3822.02
E-mini FTSE 100 (GBP) FT1Z9 9:30am CT 7581.26
E-mini FTSE China 50 FT5Z9 9:30am CT 19399.45
E-mini FTSE Emerging EIZ9 3:35pm CT 555.45
E-mini FTSE Developed Europe DVEZ9 12:00pm CT 271.07
E-mini Russell 2000 & Micro E-mini Russell 2000 RTYZ9/M2KZ9 3:30pm CT 1672.12
E-mini Russell 2000 Growth R2GZ9 3:30pm CT 1087.96
E-mini Russell 2000 Value R2VZ9 3:30pm CT 1934.11
E-mini Russell 1000 RS1Z9 3:30pm CT 1784.14
E-mini Russell 1000 Growth RSGZ9 3:30pm CT 1769.71
E-mini Russell 1000 Value RSVZ9 3:30pm CT 1348.21
S&P 500 Total Return Index Futures TRIZ9 9:20am CT 6551.60
S&P 500 Quarterly Dividend Index Futures SDIZ9 9:20am CT 15.02
S&P 500 Annual Dividend Index Futures SDAZ9 9:20am CT 58.21
Nasdaq-100 Total Return Index Futures N1RZ9 9:35am CT 10093.41
Dow Jones Total Return Index Futures DTRZ9 9:20am CT 64657.24
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