Distribution as a Service: Historical and Real-time Data

Make your business even more competitive with CME Group’s data distribution services for real-time and historical data.

With over 200,000 users, CME Smart Stream will help you deliver crucial real-time data at a global scale. And as a historical data marketplace, CME DataMine is an asset for participants looking to explore new markets or venues.

Key Benefits

  • Industry-leading distribution—Make your data available to thousands of market participants across various regions and time zones
  • Advanced technology—Deliver content using our sophisticated technology and reap the benefits as our platforms evolve
  • Cost-savings and profit potential—Protect your bottom line by lowering costs of distribution or adding new revenue streams through new data products
  • Further value for your clients—Benefit from the volume of information provided by either of our data platforms

CME Smart Stream

  • Join a network of more than 500 distributors
  • Enable price discovery for your clients
  • Promote trading and increase liquidity for your markets
  • Exposure to 172 countries

CME DataMine

  • Position your data adjacent to some of the world’s most recognized benchmark products
  • Maximize distribution potential with minimum cost and risk
  • Market-proven model with significant international success
  • Purchase and access data in a matter of minutes

To learn more about data distribution as a service, contact CMEDataSales@cmegroup.com.


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