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Market intelligence for sustainable agriculture. Capitalize on the growing demand for organic and non-GMO agriculture to better understand pricing dynamics and key drivers vs. conventional agriculture pricing.

Mercaris offers a range of regional and national organic grain and oilseed prices, non-GMO premiums, U.S. organic grain imports, and the Mercaris Midwest Organic Corn Index. Mercaris pricing products originate from the proprietary Mercaris Market Survey™ completed by survey participants each week. Mercaris' participants are a broad cross-section of producers, brokers and first handlers across the United States and Canada.

About Mercaris

Mercaris, a Certified B Corporation, has helped its customers capitalize on the growing demand for organic and non-GMO agriculture by providing market intelligence, analysis and trading services exclusively for the identity-preserved agriculture industry. Mercaris hosts the largest organic and non-GMO grain and oilseed market survey across the United States and Canada and recently launched an organic dairy initiative. The company also maintains a trading platform that enables buyers and sellers to find new markets and trade organic and non-GMO commodities. With a dynamic combination of data, insights and technology, our customers can access solutions for every challenge.

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Features and benefits

  • U.S. regional and Canadian pricing
  • Domestic and international trade statistics
  • U.S. import volumes and prices
  • Food- vs. feed-grade commodity pricing
  • Organic and non-GMO vs. conventional pricing
  • Infrastructure and acreage data with the help of three geospatial tools

Product Description

Organic Prices

Delivered first handler prices of organic grains and oilseeds. The Mercaris organic cash grain prices represent a weekly average price for a specified commodity in a particular region. Every single contract that Mercaris uses to build price series data represents the physical delivery of a commodity. If Mercaris publishes a price, it comprises completed trades between two parties, rather than bids or offers simply put out into the marketplace.

US Organic Grain Imports

FOB origin and delivered U.S. prices, volumes, freight and country-of-origin statistics. Used to understand where organic grain is coming from, how much is being imported, and what the delivered price is. Provides a view into current domestic U.S. Imports landscape for organic corn, organic durum wheat, organic oats, organic barley and organic soybeans. 

Non-GMO Premiums

Average premium value of delivered non-GMO crops over comparable conventional crops delivered within a 20-mile radius of the declared point of delivery. For meals and oils, it's an FOB-crushing plant price.

Midwest Organic Corn Index

Provides a synthetic market clearing price. The Index is a weekly indicator of what organic feed grade yellow corn delivered to a Midwest (seven states defined as MN, IA, NE, WI, IN, IL, MI) elevator looks like where there isn’t a robust level of market transparency and transactional volume.

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