Advanced analytics via Deutsche Börse A7 Platform

Maximize trading efficiency and improve alpha generation with access to data analytics

Leverage the most diverse derivatives order book and trade data offered via Deutsche Börse’s A7® Analytics platform. Gain direct access to flexible analytics tools and benefit from advanced market insights, to further enhance your trading and risk management capabilities.

Key features

Easy access to cloud-based infrastructure

Get direct access to order-by-order historical and intraday market data in nanoseconds, and enjoy granularity without the burden of data warehousing, transferring, or pre-processing.

Leverage advanced analytics built by market experts

Offers one source for the most timely, reliable information for a market seeing exponential growth

Visualize your order book on the fly

Gain a holistic view of the market opportunities using the summary functionality and easily drill down into the market microstructure. Provides insights on market fundamentals, supply and demand analysis, and regulatory changes in a volatile commodity market

Harness tailored metrics

Generate insights from tailored metrics based on full depth order books, market data messages, reference data, and other individual sources.

Deploy trading signals into existing frameworks

Incorporate customized metrics and signals into existing frameworks via high-speed APIs for a number of programming languages (C++, Java, C#, Python, R and others).

Datasets offered on A7

  • Data available from our deeply liquid futures and options on futures markets including interest rates, equities, agriculture, energy, metals, foreign exchange, and cryptocurrencies
  • Available on T+1 basis
  • A7 also offers access to­­­ unnormalized order-by-order market data from Eurex , Xetra , EEX

Use cases

  • Cross-security dependency analysis
  • Trading signal analysis
  • Research, development and backtesting of execution algorithms
  • Liquidity and trading potential analysis

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