Webinar Series: Trading Treasury Futures and STIRS

Our new 4-part on-demand webinar series gives you the insights you want and a better understanding about trading liquid interest rate futures markets. Enjoy instructor-led education at your convenience.

The series includes:

  • Treasury Futures 1.0: Understanding the delivery process, basis, carry, net basis and cheapest-to-deliver (CTD) mean.
  • Treasury Futures 2.0: A deeper dive into basis trading, how to use Treasury futures for duration adjustment, and applying futures for yield curve management.
  • STIR Futures 1.0: Everything you need to know about the new 3-month SOFR, fixed nature of basis point value (BPV); contract specifications and the underlying market/index.
  • STIR Futures 2.0: How to hedge interest rate exposure; using STIRS to create synthetic investments; trading Eurodollar-Fed Funds spreads.

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