Outlook for European and Black Sea Grain and Oilseed Markets

  • 21 Jul 2020
  • By CME Group and AgResource Company

A CME Group and AgResource Webinar

Featured speaker: Dan Basse, President of AgResource

Watch a webinar recording of Dan Basse providing his insights into the European and Black Sea grain and oilseed markets.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Impact of the July 10 USDA Crop Production report on Europe and Black Sea fundamentals
  • Will the regions’ grain and oilseed export availability be affected by supply constraints?
  • Regional food supply chain impacts
  • Covid-19 impact on Middle East and North Africa demand
  • Europe and Black Sea grain and oilseed stock/use ratio and its effect on trade and prices
  • Ruble effect on prices, farm sales, and exports
  • Price implications going forward
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