Micro E-mini Equity Futures and Options Webinar ‒ Q1 2021

In this recorded webinar, David Lerman, Director of Education at CME Group, discusses the trading performance and rise in liquidity of Micro E-mini Equity futures and options and provides his insight on the following:

  • How are traders using Micro E-mini futures and options and why they are a capital efficient tool to manage risk?
  • How have Micro E-mini futures and options traded since launch?
  • In what ways are the retail active trader using these new contracts? Are they only a speculative tool or are there other strategies traders employ?
  • What are the impacts of recent market volatility on options and how can you align volatility with the correct strategy?
  • How will the new administration affect the markets in 2021 – and beyond? 
  • What is the role of short-dated options? 
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