Jeff Quinto's Theory of Futures Trading

  • 14 Jul 2010
  • By Jeff Quinto

This guide has been designed to be a companion piece for CME Group's three-part video series "Getting Started: building a sound foundation for your trading career". The purpose of the video series is to provide new traders with a rational starting point from which they can build and expand over time, while it also offers the experienced trader valuable reminders to enhance their existing techniques. This series begins with a few key concepts and trade setups, followed by a presentation on developing your initial trading plan and then concludes with a method of practice that highlights the importance of trading on a simulator.

The series is presented by Jeff Quinto who has been involved in futures trading for over 37 years. Jeff has been a floor trader, a member of several exchanges, President of a clearing firm, principal of a proprietary trading firm as well as a coach and mentor to many.

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