Uncleared margin rules update

The recent guidance to support the timely and smooth implementation of the initial margin rules is a welcome reprieve for smaller market participants coming into scope in 2019/20.

In summary, firms won’t have to put in place documentation and custodial arrangements if their initial margin amount against a counterparty does not exceed the 50 million threshold.

Whilst this alleviates the operational burden on firms upfront, it’s still essential that they have a trusted solution in place to calculate and monitor their IM amounts on an ongoing basis ahead of the September 1st deadline.

The countdown is on, prepare and prioritize now

As part of TriOptima’s end-to-end initial margin solution, triCalculate is best placed to provide your SIMM™ calculations and monitor your IM thresholds. As a holistic solution, triResolve Margin then automates the margin call exchange with your counterparty as soon as the threshold is breached.

It’s initial margin compliance made simple

With a simple trade file and rapid onboarding, we make IM compliance easy. Here’s how it works:

  • Submit trades to TriOptima
  • We highlight your in-scope trades and calculate your IM amount using ISDA’s SIMM™
  • We monitor your thresholds
  • When the threshold is breached, we automatically send the margin amount to triResolve Margin and automate the margin call exchange with your counterparty

No implementation, low cost, easy.

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