Frequently Asked Questions: cmdty by Barchart Data

Who is Barchart?

Barchart is a leading provider of market data and services to the global financial, media, and commodity industries. A diversified client base trusts Barchart’s innovative Solutions across data, software, and technology to power their operation from front to back office, while their Media brands enable financial and commodity professionals to make decisions through web content, news, and publications. For more information, please visit

What data does Barchart offer via DataMine?

1. cmdty US Grain Indexes
2. cmdty US Production Forecast Indexes

How is this data calculated?

1. cmdty US Grain Indexes - This is a series of data-driven volume weighted indexes and price assessments, representing continuous calculations of real time market values of physical grain within a proprietary series of rolling delivery periods. Find calculation details on Barchart’s site.

2. cmdty US Production Forecast Indexes - This is a series of actual estimated yield, production, and harvested area for a given area and corresponds to the average number of bushels/acres that are produced/harvested for that area. The models have been created using machine learning techniques and are optimized to the specific areas that we are calculating the data for. Model inputs are derived based on remote-sensing data and weather station collected data. Barchart calculates this value at the lowest possible resolution for a given Country and then aggregates this information up into estimates for each area that sits above that lowest level.

Are there risks in using the data?

Read more about this topic at Barchart’s site.

What is the file format of this data?


What is the average daily file size?

All below are estimated based on no overlap assumption (each data file represents a group - i.e., grain state basis index, grain state price index, etc., and no overlap instruments in groups )

  • Grain Indexes: ~7 Mb per day
  • Production Forecast: ~0.5 Mb per day
  • Total: ~7.5 Mb per day

How many files are available per day?

Grain Indexes: 9 files (One file each based on the selected product and coverage)
Production Forecast: 3 files (One file each based on the selected product and coverage)

What is the delivery frequency of the data?

Every weekday

What time will the files be delivered each day?

7 pm CT

Are the files compressed?

Please contact to inquire about compressed data files.

Are sample files available?


How far back historically does each dataset go?

cmdty US Grain Indexes - 2014 Jan
cmdty Production Forecast Indexes - 2014 Jun

Are there any missing dates to the data I should know? If so, what are they?

No. Please note the production forecast starts from June every year as aligned with the US growing season for corn and beans.

Where can I find collateral on how to understand this data?

Barchart’s website ( provides resources where you can view the methodology, marketing sheets, and a symbol lookup.

Is there a certain process I must use to be able to use the data?


Does Barchart offer free trials for their datasets?

Free trials are available for certain datasets. Please contact to inquire about a free trial.

Can you provide Layout Guides for the format of each dataset?

Data file layout: symbol, name, date, open, high, low, close